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25 Jokes That Only True Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

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Procrastination at its best More

Procrastination at its best

Photoshopper Sees a Sleeping Dog's Pic and Decides to Have Some Fun - The Grumpy Fish

"O que os olhos não veem, cai na prova!" Examtime, transforma seu potencial de aprendizagem

Dr Samuel Johnson, English writer and compiler of the first English dictionary was born on this September, Published in Johnson's dictionary was the definitive reference for over a century

Bring me Solo and the Wookiee

The best thing about this to me is when my cousins and I were little we'd bring our Star Wars action figures out to the beach to make them have adventures on Tatooine.

A zoeira? Com um amigo desses, ela não tem limites!

20 coisas que só quem tem um amigo zoeiro pode entender - ObaOba


62 memes que você precisa ter na manga em uma discussão no Facebook

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