Crochet chicken edging

Crochet chicken edging - idk how often you'd need this, but when you need a chicken border, no other border will do!

Crochet Fan Stitch Tape Border Free Pattern Video - Crochet Tape Free Patterns

Crochet Tape Free Patterns

Вязание, валяние

Вязание, валяние

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Mosaico de Artes: Barrado frutas de crochê

"Charming with fruit! So pretty for summer linens.These little fruit motifs would also be adorable for children's clothing or to trim a summer hat." comment via to have a curtain like this somewhere in the kitchen


PAP: Lindo Barrado Decorativo!!!

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Crochê Bya Ferreira: Passo a passo barrado elegante - Coleção Bya Ferreira

Hello everyone. I want to share with you this video tutorial of how to crochet an elegant border. This video is made by Crochê Bya Ferreira and explain you in minimal detail how to make this artwork. Complexity: Advanced Beginner Hope you…