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Bruno Pimentel

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Bruno Pimentel
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Construído pelo Modulorbeat na Bochum, Germany O coletivo alemão de arquitetos Modulorbeat construiu o projeto temporário "One Man Sauna" para o festival de artes "...

Not your grandpa’s sauna. The One Man Sauna stands on an abandoned factory site in Bochum, Germany. The Modulorbeat design is a stacked tower of concrete shaft mine components.

aberturas em bambu para casa de praia

Exterior appearance This house is made with all bamboo making it environmentally friendly. The windows have big all bamboo shades that are put at the right angle so that when the sun is the hottest it shades the window.


18 planes, 36 points, and 54 lines make up the continuous faceted metallic ribbon that folds over itself creating interstitial spaces and fragmented apertures to the rural exterior.