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Half in half

Universals of literary analysis fromF Fosters book. This image represents the chapter regarding good vs evil, light vs dark, love vs hate. This is a topic that is almost always relevant in romance novels due to the love and hate scenarios that occur.


“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” ― Candace Bushnell ~ art by Lee Jee-Hyung

Dark Angel Rose GOTHIC Greeting Card Anne Stokes Angel Red Rose Medieval Card

Dark Angel Rose GOTHIC Greeting Card Anne Stokes Angel Red Rose Medieval Card

Anne Stokes Angel Rose Maxi Poster poster featuring work from the gothic artist Anne Stokes.

Angel with sword*** This is the kind of guardian angel I want protecting me...a serious, all business kind of angel. **

Gabriel - Hebrew meaning God is my strength : Male. The bible speaks of angels as being fearsome warriors of God who strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. Cherubs and sexy women angels are an abomination.


Demons with black wings are descendents of angels who were kicked out of heaven

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She bent to drink water and white magic sprang from the water. life of the water is what she was seeing.




Fantasy art posters - Anne Stokes posters: Fantasy art poster by Anne Stokes. This Anne Stokes posterfeatures a beautiul dark haired angel praying and is called Prayer For The Fallen. Anne Stokes is an artist famous for her gothic and fantasy art work.

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they say that the loveliest angels make the cruelest demons and my darling, you were so kind and beautiful before they dragged you to hell.

I am here to guide mislead humans. I have never questioned what I am doing or how, I nearly follow the directions I am given. Those who have done wrong must be guided toward the light... or eliminated if they pose a threat.

Magical Collection of Fairy Digital Paintings

Spirit Guide blank greetings card by fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Angel greetings card by Anne Stokes. Blank for your own message.