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    Narry. niall and HIS 5SOS. I think this is my favorite picture in the whole world

    1y Salvo em 1D:) ❤ ❤


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    one of my favorite pictures of Luke and I really love it

    my favorite is the one with the sunglasses

    Niall you do know you in One Direction not 5SOS right? << just like he knows he's not American...just like Zayn knows he's not in little mix lol

    #BeMoreLikeNiall Especially coz lots of directioners want to destroy us 5 sos fam... im both i love both equally and Niall sometimes thinks he in 5SOS

    Stay in school kids

    Narry twerkin {gif}


    If you have a 5sos board, and don't repin this I'm judging you.


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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words....I don't have much for this but....I can't even

    I will forever repin this picture of Niall, because it's just SO CUTE>>>ikr!? Look at his little smile ♥ I just love him so much

    Niall and Harry' :)


    Niall imagine