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GAS MASK - not sure why I have such a fascination with has masks. Cool picture though.

PLC Podcast - Show 15 - Gas Masks, HazMat and Quarantine - Utah Preppers


Platon, photo of a gas mask used as a torture implement, from the series Rights in Russia. The technique is referred to as "elephant" given the trunk-like appendage of the mask.

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This week's final piece "Hell In The Shadows" is ripped right out of the papers, and shows how people can go crazy for their 15 minutes of fame. Check it out and share your thoughts.

終末を生き抜く少女ギャングたちのキャッハーな姿を描いたシネマティックフォト : カラパイア

Gangs of girls – Les filles explosives et post-apocalyptiques de Bryn DC

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Jeff Mills - Captivater (Plattenleger X Tray Banging Remix)(Cut Version) by Plattenleger X Tray II on SoundCloud

I don’t know where I'm going, all I know is I can't stay here.

I don’t know where I'm going, all I know is I can't stay here.

Gas mask

This work was done simultaneously for two commissions: a flyer for a musical event and for the mini-contest of group.

More gas mask art: Photos: 3D: :thumb147637787: Decided to re-upload my self portraits with props...I like my photos where i cover my face a lot...It is more mysterious, more interesting and it is ...

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