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Glow in the dark Dragon Surrounding the Moon by Papillon9 on Etsy, 24.95 This beautiful bronze color Dragon caught my attention immediately, I got the idea to add a moon that glows in the dark, it's wings are glowing in the dark too, the effect is exactly what I wanted, this is a truly unique item!

Dragon pendant / Glow in the dark/ Dragon Surrounding the Moon/ Glow Dragon necklace /

Waiting for a sunrise by AlviaAlcedo.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Materials: jasper stone artificial aventurine beads and other stuff. It's a small painting, I used macro-photo to take this shoot. Do you see golden dots at the backgr.

Vintage Fashion Trend Dragon Necklace For Women Steampunk Choker Crystal Heart Men Jewelry Necklace Charm


Dragon backpack - I wish the dude was wearing a different color jacket so I could see the dragon better.

Dragon Claw Pendant #dragon #jewelry #DragonClothing.net

Vintage Dragon's Paw Black Stone Ball Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace 50 Centimeters Stainless steel Agate unique paws ring,fashion boutique,meticulous hand-carved and hand-polished

Skyrim Inspired Bronze / Brass Dragon Key Necklace by MythicalFolk, $20.00

Skyrim Inspired Bronze / Brass Dragon Key Necklace by MythicalFolk

Falling from heaven - stone painting by AlviaAlcedo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Stone: dragon veins agate, cm It& miniature painting on the stone. Painted by tempera. Art © me Commission for ~HieisbicthKathrine All my stone painting necklaces are unique o.

Tree keeper by AlviaAlcedo. This piece is beautiful for the fact that it is painting on colored stones. Firstly, the art work is impressive and secondly, the added fact that these stones are pieces of jewelry is even cooler. Honestly, a necklace with one of these stones or even the bottom of a dreamcatcher would be awesome and certainly something which I would purchase.

~Tree keeper~ Keeper of the magic tree It's miniature handmade painting on the stone, it's very small in person!