Movie UI design is a great place to look for inspiration. So here are awesome works from a movie fictional UI designers.

使っているブラシに飽きて、新しい素材が欲しいけど、無駄なブラシはダウンロードしたくない。そんなわがままな要望に応える、高品質で無料の新作 PS ブラシ素材をまとめています。

デザイナーが愛用したい!すごいPhotoshop無料ブラシ素材35個まとめ 2016年2月度

25 Best Tech Interface Photoshop Brushes Ever Created - Web Design Ledger


thought-provoking and nice-looking, but I have no idea how the fuck it works. - FUTURE INTERFACE by

complexity graphics | urban taster

Moscow based Tatiana Plakhova has added more to her data like Complexity Graphics artworks with a new series entitled Chaos & Structure.

Awesome!/ Stuff/ Blue/ Interface/ Design/ Creative/ Fun/ Cool/ Neat/ Super/ Captivating/Graphics/ -#TRON #sphere #GMUNK. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out

Could be the inspiration for motion graphic. Like the color composition of elements, and delicate line connect together

1570604afc32a83a10af05ba5ce976ba.jpg 905×13,994 pixels

The Astro Compendium; the navigational cortex of Omega Boy's ship もっと見る

This is example of fashion design where the visual graphic sequence has been used, the designer uses the sequence to give a full view of this fishing of object through using of zoom in, gives a very close shot of this object, the different background of these two pictures make it is dramatic. Furthermore the use of graphic sequence gives audience more details of this fashion object.

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