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Step mother roles, with style & grace.

"A healthy stepmother knows that some day's she's a stage hand, some day's she's the leading lady and some day's she's the audience.and she plays each role with grace and style.

Love this poem about adoption

How I feel about my "bonus kids." And Chloe and I are so freakishly alike is hard to believe she's not of my blood. And Kaden definitely has a lot of my personality, too.


I'm a single mom. I like to pretend I'm strong enough to do it all on my own. But sometimes I wish I had someone to come home to and tell me I'm doing it right. I bet this was how my mom felt

Suck it up buttercup! We've got a blended family to raise. :D

Suck it up buttercup! We've got a blended family to raise. :D family love!

Proud mom & step mom

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And I am here!

Proud Stepmom---Very true. The mother was only bitter for a short time, and we actually have a decent friendship. I despise the word "biomom." There is only one, true mom.

When you know their mother didn't love them or want them it makes you love them so much more❤ poor baby girl

Being a step mom is HARD work. You have to be a strong woman to be a loving step mom because being a bad one takes no work at all.

Exactly!   I am lovingly called wicked step-mom......but can see the love in her eyes.....inside joke to us....

I am lovingly called wicked step-mom.inside joke to us.

as long as you show love, you are doing fine. Time goes by so quick that you will want to hire days back. spend the time you have spending quality time with your child(ren).

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And I love my kids enough to fight for them to have their siblings in their lives! Thats what good moms do!

Yes, I CHOSE to be a step mother. Not because I like dealing with the birth mother or because I adore court rooms and lawyers, not even because I thrive on chaos. but bc *I LOVE MY STEPSON!* ((A-freakin'-men!