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(11) Hashtag #WangQing auf Twitter

(11) Hashtag #WangQing auf Twitter

Shingeki http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=316379

Attack on Titan. (TBH some I actually ship. Reibert, Jeanmarco, Ymir x Krista, Springles)

OHMYGOD xD I'll ship LeviHan til the day I die!! | Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin AoT / SnK | Levi x Hanji / Hange Zoe with Mike Zacharius & Erwin / Irvin Smith

Hange Zoe with Mike Zacharius & Erwin / Irvin Smith

Attack on Titan: REBLOGGING OF LEVI!!! His kick thou

Attack on Titan wedding. I love the Reiner and Christa, Armin and Annie, Connie and Sasha, and Levi and Hanji.

oh god                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Adventure time attack on Titan crossover

Pictures - Collections - Google+

Me but instead of Magical Levi, its a bunch of gay ass ships.

Anime 1) Kuroko no Basket, 2) Magi, 3) Gintama 4) Uta No Prince Sama, 5) Attack On Titan

Anime Kuroko no Basket, Magi, Gintama Uta No Prince Sama, Attack On Titan

merthur fanart | Try to look at your best friend like that- Merthur by FreakyFangirl97

Merlin x Arthur Merthur


STAR WARS Infographic Breaks Down Rebel Starfighters and Imperial Crafts

Star Wars - Infographic breaks down Rebel Starfighters & Imperial Crafts

OOC by markmak on DeviantArt

OOC by markmak on DeviantArt - Mabel, Ford, Stan, Mystery Twins

I see a new freckle! I ship them too much! Ashkhjdhahbhjsahb

Attack on Titan - Jean & Marco

Bertholdt x Reiner, Reibert, Attack on titan, AOT, SNK

How dare yiu Reiner? Bertholdt x Reiner, Reibert, Attack on titan, AOT, SNK

NALU, GRUVIA, GALE, JERZA, MIRAXUS, ELFGREEN, BIXANNA, ROWEN, LORIES, LYREDY and CAPPY :D <3<3<3 Then it should be ROKA (Rogue X Kagura) and STINGYU (Sting X Yukino) <3 I don't really ship is, LoLu, GrayLu, and NaLi >___<

So I draw MANY of Fairy Tail’s couples/pairings/ships/whatevs. I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to which ones I actually ship!

My ships have sailed happily into the vast fandom

Shingeki no Kyojin (SnK) // Attack on Titan (AoT)

This is what I imagine their childhood looked like. so heartbreaking but cute and loving and gahh. i can't deal with this. :D

This is what I imagine there childhood looked like. Eren is the greatest brother ever.

They're missing Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha), Kenshin and Kaoru (rurouni Kenshin), ulquiorra and orihime bleach), hitomi and van (escaflowne), Serena and darian (sailor moon), mikasa and eren (attack on Titan), and if studio ghibli films are included : Howl and Sofie, Ashitaka and San, and Chihiro and Haku

Couples Avatar, bleach, one piece, soul eater, . Glad to see a ton of my own ships.