Haha! Enjolras' internet dating profile. Favorite food: Revolution

I would so go on an Anti-Government Rally first date with you, Enjolras

Enjolras disses Paris. Enjolras is not happy about this.AHHHH AARON! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN AND LES MIS <3

Ginny on

Exactly the way it is.

Exactly the way it is with all my favourite characters it seems.

i used to think that line was funny toooo! Haha, Joly moment! He's a doctor, so, yeah...

i used to think that line was funny toooo! He's a doctor, so, yeah. < i mean he's a medical student but sure

Please!  Seriously nick jonas 'marius' even cosette don't care about your lonely soul

Nick isn't an awful singer, but he just doesn't have a Broadway voice and can't compare to his incredible fellow cast members of the Anniversary performance

How rebellious and suave he looks in the first panel... :D

I literally did the "ooooo" cat thing from puss in boots.