Go Thalia. I have to say I'd do the exact same thing, although I don't exactly see Nico accepting help from Thalia, or going to her to get mascara off.

Parents will be parents. Go Athena and Poseidon.

cute and funny things about Percy and Annabeth<<<<<<<<<lol percabeth what would Poseidon and Athena`s couple name be-maybe pothena?

Spiders, Swords, and Other Annoying Things - Shut Up, Demigods!

Percy Jackson Quotes, probably one of my favorite quotes. :3

Percy Jackson Quotes, probably one of my favorite quotes. Chinese Canadian Baby Man Most accurate description of pre-HoH Frank

Percy being a protective boyfriend

Over-protective Percy! I bet Annabeth does the same when girls look at Percy. I Am shure that girls who look Percy, would not see anybody else in white than Will

I wish a guy that likes me said I drooled in my sleep. I do too

First book, chapter five, paragraph seventy three, sentence one. That's when Annabeth said 'you drool in your sleep'.

AWWW. oh and also. Can I just note how when they said He [referencing to Leo] the ‘h’ was capitalised. And when people talk about God they also say He. SEE

Leo's birthday, May Wear orange and write team Leo on your wrist if you understand!