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At first I just saw the picture and I was like WHO DARES DESTROY THIS BOOK, YOU SHALL DIE!!!!!!! Then I read it and laughed.

What The F**k Did You Just Do With My Book?

So true. So true. And TFIOS as well? I know it's like the most adorable thing ever, but you be damned if you ruin my books!


Thanks for keeping at least the protagonist alive, Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordan.*looks at Veronica Roth*

This is so me it hurts XD

I thought I was the only one to do the dying whale noises after my favorite books.<--- I also combine this with crying. This literally happened today!


"Hello, you are my new best friend." *leans close* *the person leaves*


I love that they used the word "waddles". I am a book loving awkward penguin, yes indeed.

Yep. Many times too. Augustus, Tris's mom, Prim, Newt, Rue, Finnick...the list could go on.

I was watching the hunger games going down Island when rue, finnick, AND Prim died and I tried to keep it together but I started crying.