multicolored seed beads are scattered on a white surface, with one bead in the middle
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11/0 True cuts Charlotte Beads Multi Neon Beads 10/20/50/250/500 Grams PREMIUM SEED BEADS, Native Supply

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Size: 11/0 (Approx 2.0 MM)
Colour: Multi Neon Beads
Pieces: 10 Grams 1300 (Approximately)
These tiny beads are one of a kind, as they have 2 diamond cut facets on each bead on the opposite side, which gives more sheen, than the regular Charlotte or true cut beads available which has only one facet. Technically for hand embroidery those beads sit well on one cut so the opposite cut is visible for embellishments. They look like semi precious, expensive beads.
The raw beads are from Czech and we give facets in our own Factory in Mumbai. They are highly used by the biggest names in fashion and Bijoux Ateliers worldwide. Highly used by Oscar De La Renta Tasseled Earrings.
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