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They use fear to make ppl think simple human rights would destroy us so they can become just a little more rich

Rich+Republikkkans use fear to make ppl think a liveable wage +benefits would destroy the U. Reality, It's the greedy RICH wanting you to sacrifice for their GREED!

The Original Originally developed in November 2002. Published in the March 2003 issue of POB Magazine.

The Original Originally developed in November Published in the March 2003 issue of POB Magazine.

Republicans continue to support massive tax loopholes, overseas banking and corporate subsidy give aways.

Where Is The Outrage Over Corporate Welfare?

Republicans continue to support massive tax loopholes, overseas banking and corporate subsidy "giveaways". This is what some of us call facts. Like climate change and the theory of gravity.

Actually this is already in the law, Congress shall pass no law that they do not  adhere to. Unfortunately they don't follow it. Any Senator or Congress member should be disbarred as well as the president and cabinet members under Obama , should have been commanded to be on Obamacare or impeached! *JGH  It's time for a 28th Amendment

And while they're at it, include language making it a criminal offense for Congress or the President to propose or pass legislation that is Unconstitutional, reaffirm that the Bill of Rights are endowed by God and not granted by man, and require that befo

HB2 in North Carolina is not just about the bathrooms!!! There’s also the loss of the right to sue for any kind of discrimination in state courts, except as discrimination is currently defined in state law (i.e. your community can’t protect rights the state doesn’t grant) and loss of the rights of municipalities to set their own local minimum wages and more.

The media loves stories like this. It’s about “strange” people. It’s about “the children.” It’s about “the rednecks down there.” It's so full of cliches and shibboleths they can write the stories without even thinking about them.

No Veteran should be homeless and or without medical care and jobs. America take care of your Freedom Keepers

It's "politically correct" to hate our military, and our own people. It's also "politically correct" to kiss up to select, *minority* immigrants, regardless of their potential to hinder or hurt America!

It costs the American tax payer 6.1 billion to give subsidies to WalMart workers because their pay is far below the poverty line. A minimum wage of$15 ends the subsidies and improves the local economy. Those wages are now spent locally and not sent to the Cayman Islands as non taxable profit. Cities that have raised their minimum wage have seen their local economies improve just as one would expect.

A Senator Asks A Panel Of Experts To Defend Walmart. It Gets Awkward.

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If you spend all your time complaining about welfare programs while ignoring subsidizing of companies that exploit tax loopholes, you might be an a--hole. Most people on food stamps need them. It is temporary, it is their last resort, and it is their lifeline until they get back on their feet. They don't WANT to be on food stamps. It is humiliating. Stop punishing hard working people.

Republican Theft of Billions+ Billions of our Tax Dollars to Give to Profitable Corporations. Obama and Bernie Sanders has asked the practice to stop. the Rich Corporate Welfare continues at the People's expense!

Republicans R Evil on

Republicans R Evil on

“ChrisChristie vetoed raising the minimum wage. Now, has the worse job growth rate.