I Love Lucy

"I Love Lucy" ~ Van Johnson and Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) dancing with each other.

Lucille Ball and Van Johnson I Love Lucy s. 4 e. 27 - The Dancing Star

Lucille Ball and Van Johnson I Love Lucy s. 27 - The Dancing Star. Lucy was a showgirl and dancer before her comedy show.

Lucille Ball & George Reeves

I Love Lucy show. Lucy & Superman on the ledge of the apartment in the rain.Lucy is going to pose as Superman when the real one shows up.

Remember This Scene? by Lucy_Fan, via Flickr

I Love Lucy Classic scene where Lucy and Ethel both buy the same dress to wear in the show. Lucy is steamed and the funnies ensue.

They were the original power couple in Hollywood.

long-live-lucy: “ I literally just gasped at the sight of this beautiful photo… ”

The Official I Love Lucy/Lucille Ball Gif Thread

{*Lucille Ball with Hubby Desi Arnaz, they were so funny :) luv,d I lug Lucy. They still remained the Closest ov freinds even after the divorce, RIP both ov you Thanks for the Memories*}