Could this land on Staten Island become a New York City landmark? In 1972 Dorothy Day who founded the Catholic Worker movement bought a pair of bungalows that were part of a 1920s retreat known as Spanish Camp. There she found a refuge alongside her working-class brethren looking to escape the toil and grime of the city. A developer bulldozed her cottages in 2001 to make way for mansions that were never finished like the one in this photo by @nytchangster. While Dorothy is considered a…

Kreischer Mansion Staten Island

Most intimate photos from Magnum. Signed #MAGNUMSquare prints $100. Available TODAY only. Link in bio. A little girl looks at the bust of #Lenin in Poronin Poland in the pub where the Central Committee of the Russian Communist party first held its meetings and which was later converted into a museum. In 1956 a group of school children toured the building and viewed the bust of Lenin. After the group moved on a little girl stayed behind in awe. Her expression gives away both intimidation and…

On the beach in Asbury Park #NewJersey. Fifteen years ago Bruce Springsteen wrote My City of Ruins a song lamenting the fate of this forlorn seaside resort. Now some say Asbury may be on the verge of a comeback. This #nytweekender we have been sharing photos from Asbury by @nytimes photographer Tony Cenicola. by nytimes

Fable "The cockerel the cat and the mouse"(le Cochet le Chat et le Souriceau). On the left the cock played by French actor Gerard Giroudon. On the right the cat played by French actress Audrey Bonnet. ( Martine Franck/ #MagnumPhotos) by magnumphotos

Up there City exploration captured by @roof_topper @cosmocalisse #Toronto by jr

The #RugbyWorldCup starts next week and it brings back memories of photographing @JonnyWilkinson_ former captain of the #NewcastleFalcons. In the rain Jonny stood underneath "The Angel of The North" overlooking Gateshead as I took about five frames. I wondered if any of them were going to be sharp. Luckily they were. ( @Peter_Marlow/ #MagnumPhotos) by magnumphotos

Tonight @trevornoah takes over as host of The Daily Show on @ComedyCentral. He has the formidable task of succeeding Jon Stewart who over his 16-year tenure helped transform the program into a pointed and influential commentary on politics and the media. @chadbatka photographed @trevornoah at @thedailyshow offices in New York on #nytassignment. by nytimes

This is @jaechongpix an AP staff photographer based in Los Angeles. This week I am posting an instagram #takeover of my recent photo essay on homelessness in Hawaii. This is my last post. Thanks you for all the likes and follows! In this photo Lohe Akau a 55-year-old homeless construction worker carries his bodyboard through a homeless encampment in the Kakaako district of Honolulu. #APPhoto by @jaechongpix Hawaii has long been known as a tropical paradise but in recent years another…

Police and protesters faced off on West Florissant Avenue in #Ferguson Missouri on Sunday night. @whitcphoto took this photo near the end of a day of peaceful protest commemorating the killing of Michael Brown the unarmed black 18-year-old who was shot by a white police officer one year ago. The evening ended in gunfire as multiple shots rang out on West Florissant Avenue the commercial district hit by rioting last summer. by nytimes

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