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Watching Movies Together Can Improve Your Relationship, Says Study - Happy Relationship Guide

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6 secretos sobre los hombres que toda mujer debe saber

I can just picture my hubby and myself in the front holding hands with Isaac and Gwen in the back seats as we drive down to "grandma's", aka my mother's house, for a good old carne asada.

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Jan my beautiful see here look at me, look here, here, how lovely r ur lips, love them  love u my sweetheart, my baby know tat some one loves u more than anything, some one cares for ur ever y need..ill stand by Jan, want anything ask me buddy, I'm ready to give u my heart, n life..watever, I'll do anything, anything for u, I'm ready to die for ur happiness..dont think u r alone..ur  hero is here  Janu  my sexy heroin.just take deep breath n focus on ur breath inhal

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