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The very best short stories and novellas from National Public Radio's Alan Cheuse are brought together in a quintessential collection. Countless listeners depend on the book reviews from Cheuse, America's "voice of books," and many of those listeners also follow his own critically acclaimed fiction and nonfiction.

Water experts refer to the high water mark, which is white because of mineral deposition, as the "bathtub ring." Photo credit: Shutterstock

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Fantastic and Rare Picture of a Circular Rainbow

You could be in an airplane when it’s raining. If the Sun is in the right spot, and you look out the opposite side, you could in fact see a rainbow making a full circle … just like this:

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Fantastic and Rare Picture of a Circular Rainbow

The basic physics of a rainbow is pretty simple, really. Sunlight enters the front of a raindrop. It hits the back side of the drop, reflects, and then heads back out the front side again. The light bends a little bit when it enters and exits the drop—scientists get all fancy and call this refraction—and different colors bend by different amounts. The light bends change direction by a total of about 138°, but red light bends a little less, blue light a little more. So, to see a rainbow, you…

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How to Make Your Pinterest Profile Irresistible

Pinterest, is by far one of the easiest and most fun social media platforms out there. It is a critical tool for your business success, no matter your industry. I know that Pinterest sends more than 10,000 unique hits a month for my website alone; that’s

Is Obama Setting US Up for Military Takeover? Obama has been slowly planning for a military takeover for 4 Years.

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