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Os Hohlwen são anjos caídos que são feitos de escuridão e devem viver fora da força de vida e magia de outros anjos

Sunna (or "Sol") is the Viking goddess of the Sun. In Norse mythology

Arte digital de Olggah - Deviantart Sem dúvida, uma das minhas ilustrações favoritas.

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Game Characters by Ana Mendes


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"It's nothing more than a few flakes unless you want it to be," ___ practically inhaled his words. Tilting C's face up he whispers, "Now concentrate on them."

Rihalla, the other handmaiden of Ariella I, did not make history in any notable way. It is interesting to note, however, that after her death, it was discovered that she kept a very faithful diary, which is a treasure trove of gossip and intrigue from Ariella's famous Winter Court.

Hades and Persephone. He was not the Devil, but the god of the underworld and a brother of Zeus and Poseiden. His beautiful wife was the goddess of Spring.........( by AlexandraVBach on DeviantArt )