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mondo : wreck-it ralph : reg edition

An alternative movie poster for the film Wreck-It Ralph, created by Tom Whalen, featured on AMP

Glitch...I <3 her...if ever there is a character that reminds me of you baby girl, it is her. Wreck It Ralph rocks!

character Vanellope Von Shweetz from upcoming Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph. (isn't she just the CUTEST THING?) I'm cosplay her!

Wreck It Ralph! I LOVE Calhoun's lines, and it is clear Jane Lynch had an awesome time playing this character. Sarah Silverman had fun too! Actually, I think everyone involved with this loved being a part of it, and they should. It's a great movie!

My favorite scene in the entire movie! Then Taffyta is like "I can't stop!" - "Wreck It Ralph (Disney) I love this movie!

Wreck it Ralph

You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you? You hit a guy WITH glasses. That's well played.

Disney's Wreck-It Ralph by Lillidan86.deviantart.com on @deviantART

“Wreck-It Ralph” Fan art done last year. Don’t have much time to work on fan art but hopefully soon! Work has been bogging me down over and over again, groans* Wreck-It Ralph is ©Walt Disney.

About the racers and grandstands

Sugar Rush Citizens

Sugar Rush Racers from Wreck It Ralph (Halloween costume inspiration for the littles) (all of them have nice though out names, then there's Candlehead. like fuck it just name her Candlehead)