Energetic Weather Advisory Quote for the day: May your inner support reflect in magnificent ways in your outer world.

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If you're in it for the money.you're in it for the wrong reason! Have passion in your work, inspire your clients & co-workers, and ultimately. Rest easy Maya, you truly are a legend!


Rev Alex Shaw shares: The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul. so true.

In believing is receiving  by youareluminous

Everything is possible if you just grow some balls and try 😒 gosh lol but nah really if you really wanted me you could have me. But you chose not to.


Gossips Are Worse Than Thieves Because They Steal Another Person's Dignity, Honest, Reputation And Credibility, Which Are Impossible To Restore. So Remember This "When Your Feet Slip You Can Balance But When Your Tongue Slips You Cannot Recover Your Words

I am

This is me. Sadly I feel this way and u can't stop, but it's how I am and I won't change