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Cape Riding Hood - Littles doll.jpg

Look at this Lalaloopsy Littles Cape Riding Hood Doll on today!

Lalaloopsy Littles Doll - Prairie's Sister - Trouble Dusty Trails

Lalaloopsy Littles Doll – Prairie’s Sister – Trouble Dusty Trails

Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

Little Bah Peep is Lalaloopsy Land's very own shepherd! She loves animals more than anything and loves to play follow the leader with them. However, she's really forgetful so she has trouble remembering where she put something or finding things in general. Whenever she loses something she gets very upset...unfortunately, this happens a lot! Little Bah is the older sister of little Bow Bah Peep. Her name comes from the nursery rhyme character Little Bo Peep.

Lalaloopsy Little Bah Peep Doll - The Entertainer

Second Mini Lalaloopsy™ Littles Pix E Flutters

Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Doll, Pix E. Flutters/Twinkle N. Flutters Doll has movable arms, legs and head Includes Mini Lalaloopsy doll, her pet and her Little's sibling Collect them all

Mini Lalaloopsy - Pepper Pots 'n' Pans - First Edition - Series 2/5

Mini Lalaloopsy Pepper Pots N Pans Doll with Accessories by MGA Entertainment

Lalaloopsy Pet Pals Doll- Leafy Cuddle 'N' Shy

Lalaloopsy Pet Pals, Leafy Cuddle 'N' Shy, Multi

Lalaloopsy Littles Doll - Blanket Featherbed - MGA Entertainment - Toys "R" Us

Lalaloopsy Doll, Scarlet Riding Hood

Lalaloopsy Scarlet Riding Hood - was sewn on May (Visit Your Relatives Day) from Red Riding Hood's Cape. She's a good girl who always takes care of others. She loves wearing red, making new friends, and having picnics in the woods. She has a pet wolf.

Lalaloopsy Pet Pals Doll- Pandy Chomps-A-Lot

Lalaloopsy Pet Pals Doll- Pandy Chomps-A-Lot

Frost IC Cone - Lalaloopsy

Here’s another sneak peek at a new large Lalaloopsy doll coming this fall! Frost I.C Cone was made from a snowcone. She’s super sweet and colorful.

Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Dress.....too cute

Doll Clothes for 7" Lalaloopsy Littles - Pink/Yellow/Blue Dress (A52)