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The Afternoon Pic Me Up is a daily post with the purpose of making your day better and curing your boredom at the same time.


I'm not sure if you're a creeper for watching a kid color, but.that kid sure is creepy

Mean girls quote, Glen Coco vs. Carly Rae Jepsen #meangirls

"four for you, glen coco, you go, glen coco! and none for gretchen weiners." oh, i love mean girls.

AHAHAHA @Megan Haulbrook idk why i thought of you but this is HILARIOUS

Funny pictures about 99 problems. Oh, and cool pics about 99 problems. Also, 99 problems photos.

hahaha. love this. didn't think it was appropriate for my funny board, so i pinned it here.

"Real Men Like Big Booty Bitches" -Justin Timberlake; I guess real men like me & I like them too ;

Alan (Zack Galifinakis) cant wait for hangover part 3 tomorrow.

Hey I Just Met You This Is Crazy Hangover Baby Funny Alan This is for you Casey!


22 Examples Of The Most Gangsta Sh*t That Has Ever Happened

If I ever had kids, this is how they'd probably turn out. Thank God for birth control!


Watch this drunk kid funny photos who is looking very sweet and cute. This funny kid will make you smile and give laugh.


therefore we can scientifically conclude that, yes, bitches be trippin'.

Mason Disick is too cute

Almost stepped on a crack . almost broke my mother's back. My kids do this every day with cracks, kitchen tiles, bricks, etc.