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Acessibilidade: muito além do design | Blog de AI

40 Fachadas de casas modernas e esculturais maravilhosas! - Decor Salteado - Blog de Decoração e Arquitetura

Future Park Killesberg, Stuttgart by Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitektur. Click image for link to full profile and visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> https://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/

Giz na mão, só alegria

40 Fachadas de casas modernas e esculturais maravilhosas! - Decor Salteado - Blog de Decoração e Arquitetura

Men's Timberland Boots Active comfort technology boots by Timberland. Authentic boots. Genuine leather. There's no better (or more handsome) boot for warmer-weather hikes and everyday adventures. Timberland classic leather Euro Hiker boots are cushiony and built to grip terrain, whether it's a rocky trail, a shag carpet or a city sidewalk. Timberland Shoes Boots

Color Club Halo 2015 Halo 1092 Sidewalk Psychic. Color Club® is proud to be a leader in technology, consistently making advancements in product formulation and delisn. We have always strived to make new, never-before-seen nail polishes that we know our fans will love.

The company behind Vespa built a cargo robot that follows you around Read more Technology News Here --> http://digitaltechnologynews.com In the future we won't just have autonomous drones zooming around over our heads we'll share the sidewalks with rolling robots tasked with delivering our groceries and carrying our stuff. A new robot from Piaggio (best known for Vespa scooters) keeps the autonomous focus firmly on solid ground. The company's fledgling autonomous mobility division Piaggio…

Silvio Carta, University of Hertfordshire Most of us encounter public spaces in our daily lives: whether it’s physical space (a sidewalk, a bench, or a road), a visual element (a panorama, a cityscape) or a mode of transport (bus, train or bike share). But over the past two decades, digital technologies such as smart phones and the internet of things are adding extra layers of information to our public spaces, and transforming the urban environment. Traditionally, public spaces have been…

WASHINGTON — Designers of futuristic cityscapes envision delivery drones dropping off your packages from the sky and driverless cars taking you to work. But the robotic delivery invasion already has arrived in the form of machines that look like beer coolers on wheels scooting along the sidewalks. The ground-bound robots, developed by the science fiction-sounding company Starship Technologies, will be showing up any day in the nation’s capital and in Redwood City, Calif., operated by…

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