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Wasted one fillet trying to make coriander fishballs for daddy on a whim but the damn thing splattered over the counter. salvaged like 3/4 of it after so much pounding still wouldn't hold its shape so thought maybe can make fish cakes but no it doesn't want to fry properly either DAMNNIT STUPID FISH what a stupid day in the end I scrambled t with eggs and threw in some dried shrimp so its kinda like orhluak but with fish instead omg I really want to cry but daddy is so patronizing and eating…

Dizem os especialistas: O Sol UVB "meio-dia" é que absorve o hormônio D3, junto com a vitam. K. O sol se auto-regula, e para cada pessoa um tempo mínimo de exposição. Alguns filtros solares, com seus inúmeros componentes químicos, está associado a muitos cânceres. O complemento Vitam. D p Idosos é fundamental pq precisam de 4x. O Sol evita inúmeros tipos de doenças, e no passado sempre foi reverenciado. VIVA o ASTRO-REI!

O livro de Eli sem dúvida pode não ser o melhor filme apocalíptico que já vi . Mas a bela fotografia de final dos tempos está nele ao longo de todo o longa . E também temos Denzel Washington sempre fazendo um bom filme . E finalmente temos uma mensagem final . Então se balancearmos tudo acho que é o tipo de filme que merece o play .Junho _ repeteco do ano gravável _ by CZ!P

"A lua inteira agora é o manto negroo, no escuro deserto do céu" #astronautademármore:

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The Berserker - Scifi unique one of a kind light up hero/villain helmet - ready to ship

Original design LEDs in the eyes powered by two CR2032 coin cells. You can see out of the eyes just fine. There is no light in your vision. ***FITTING: Helmet fits approx 27.5 jaw x 23-24 cranium Please use measuring tape to measure your head size to ensure it will fit. This is not adjustable. If you need help with this please message me. Neck seal is fully adjustable. All sales are final. ****I DO accept payment plans, just message me first. Any questions, do not hesitate to ask :) Cheer...

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Crazy Woman - Lisa Lara Bella Framed Art Print by Marko Köppe

face collage - Magritte.Is it really possible for an artist to attach no meaning to his paintings? Perhaps it is the lack of meaning that is meaningful. And perhaps the best way to understand Magritte’s work is to examine what he is not saying in his art and in this way, note what he is trying so hard to express. This would be great for a theme in identity or age if you just think outside the box a bit