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another owl tattoo

Owl tattoo but needs color!

Wish I would have done this on my ankle instead of the parrott...wonder if I can have the parrott turned into any  owl, hmmmmm?!?!?!?

tiny owl tattoo on branch

cool blue owl!

blue owl tattoo on foot tattoos-i-like-or-find-neat

Colorful owl

i totally saw this same owl in a stamp set at michaels and wanted a tattoo of it.

cute little owl tattoo

cute little owl tattoo.would definitely want this smaller

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Two of my favorite things: tattoos and owls(:

Cute Owl Tattoos

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I his bow tie!

img-thing (300×300)

~Owls~ Thinking of getting this tattoo on my left outer thigh!

Black Ink Owl Tattoo On Girl Left Forearm

Browning Tattoo Designs Brown Ink Owl Tattoo on Arm

tatuagens femininas

pumpkin country: owl tattoos-- ahh so

Love this Owl tattoo AND the placement

Love this Owl tattoo AND the placement

A totally different style to what I was thinking, but really striking and beautiful.

Too frickin cute. Trying to find owl tat's to draw up, and this is SO close to what I want. (an owl on a branch haha)

owl tattoo

owl tattoo- so cutee

Small Owl Tattoos | Fabio 彫手首 - @horiwrist

39 Fantastic Small Owl Tattoos - Owl patterns are sought-after due to their beauty and the wide range of areas of the application. Recently, small owl tattoos have become extremely voguish. It has been proved that one of the main connotations …

love the incorporation of the infinity symbol to show how the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth is a continuous journey.

Instead of having the owl sit on the infinity symbol, incorporate the symbol in the owl's eyes. Small tattoo of just owl head on wrist to symbol how the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth is a continuous journey.

tiny owl tattoo - Bing images

Make an E in there somewhere simple owl outline tattoo