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Cho Chang (Katie Leung) promo pic for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Snape and Hermione? - OKAY what is up with all this Hermione + Snape stuff? question and answer in the Severus Snape club

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Hermione Granger: Harry Potter - Fiercely loyal, smarter than everyone else in her class and never one without a date to a school dance, Hermione shows that being a witch isn't a bad thing.

Apparently, white-washing exists even in the Wizarding World.

The Lack of Diversity in 'Harry Potter' is Depressing

Rest In Peace, Richard Griffiths. March 28, 2013. #VernonDursley

Richard Griffiths, who played Uncle Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter film series, died Friday due to complications from heart surgery.

Cosplay: Lily & Severus <3

Take a different round than the classic Harry, Ron, and Hermione costumes and go with Lily & Severus instead - same basic parts (house robes and scarves), so you can reuse for different characters later!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Confessions of a Manchild: Nerdy Valentine's Day cards.

Cho Chang

Cho Chang sees Nathalia as academic competition because she's the best student in her ravenclaw house