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Bas Princen, OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen · OFFICE 39 — Villa Buggenhout. Belgium · Divisare

This freestanding dwelling is situated in the middle of a parcel between woods and an agricultural area near the village of Buggenhout. The enclosure—a modular steel fence—is an integral part of the design and defines the volume of the house. The surro.

Семья, проживающая в очаровательном районе Амстердама, Нидерланды, обратилась за помощью в архитектурную фирму CC-Studio, чтобы её специалисты придумали, как же семье грамотно расширить жилое пространство. Результат работы архитекторов оправдал надежды заказчиков. Немалую роль в успехе проекта сыграл сад, который...

Image 1 of 25 from gallery of Garden studio in Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer / CC-Studio. Photograph by John Lewis Marshall

Villa in Buggenhout : Office KGDVS

Villa in Buggenhout : Office KGDVS

Freestanding dwelling in the countryside near the village of Buggenhout, by Belgian architecture practice Office KGDVS.

Geers & van Severen

Kortrijk XPO is a typical exposition complex: a multifarious collection of similar halls, corridors connecting them to one another and snippets of vegetation.

Elementary School Sports Hall by Jovan Mitrović

Image 2 of 19 from gallery of Matchbox Elementary School Sports Hall / Jovan Mitrović. Photograph by Relja Ivanić

Peter Zumthor Serpentine Pavilion in the rain:                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I really wanted to see Peter Zumthor's pavilion in the rain. So this weekend when I saw cloudy sky I knew I had to give it a try. The pouring rain created an inner wall around the garden which was was also enhanced by the light coming in.

office KGDVS completes circular solo house in eastern spain

Brussels-based Office KGDVS has just unveiled an amazing glass-enclosed circular building, Solo House II, that winds through a lush green forest in Spain's mountainous Matarraña region.

Image 2 of 9 from gallery of Civil Defense Center In Cobeña / GEA Arquitectos. Photograph by Ignacio Marqués

Gallery of Civil Defense Center In Cobeña / GEA Arquitectos - 2

The building holds different local services. From the municipal police headquarters to the offices of the Ministry of finance.

Asymmetric French house designed by GENS as a collage of "banal components"

“GENS explores project economy in all its sides in a wide range of fields of intervention: public or private projects, cultural institutions or self-building houses, farming hangars or collective houses.


subtilitas: “ Staehelin Meyer Architekten - Two-family apartment houses, Riehen…