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A Novo Horizonte Ambiental possui todas as licenças e autorizações necessárias atualizadas junto aos órgãos públicos para coleta e transporte de resíduos.

O programa exibido dia 05 de setembro pela Band Minas mostrou os novos espaços públicos oferecidos aos pedestres de Belo Horizonte. Conheça os parklets, sucesso em países desenvolvidos que buscam um novo conceito para utilização dos espaços públicos.

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Fracking will be allowed under national parks, UK decides

Final amendments to infrastructure bill unpick new protections, meaning companies just outside parks will be able to drill horizontally below them

Ziggurat Pyramid, Dubai One of the World's largest proposed projects, It will house nearly one million people and will be self-sustainable with all natural-energy sources. Like the pyramids of the Mayans and Egyptians, this new structure in Dubai is a giant; it will cover 2.3 square kilometers (0.88 square miles) and will be able to sustain a community of up to one million people. The “Ziggurat” is named after the temple towers of the ancient Mesopotamian valley. The building is green and…

The gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Franck Bohbot’s Evocative ChinatownFranck Bohbot is a photographer specializing in capturing public spaces, street scenes, architectural sites, and environmental portraiture. Originally from Paris, France, he moved to New York City in 2013. His series ‘Chinatown’ portrays the neighborhood with an off-beat approach from the typical bustling ‘cliche’ to a silent and absent direction. Much more on our Facebook Posted by Andrew

Someone Crunched the Numbers on What the Bankers Did to the Greeks, and the Results Will Blow You Away | Alternet

TTIP: No to backroom deals that would imperil our health, environment and welfare | Corporate Europe Observatory

The project developed for the new installation took into account that it was for a satellite town hall, in reality a representative pavilion. The unique ...

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Facebook's 'hacker campus' will house 3,400 workers in ONE room

Google plan for a 1.1 million square foot Googleplex. Called Bay View, it will have nine rectangular buildings, horizontally bent, with living roofs surrounded by courtyards and connected by bridges. No employee will be more than a two-and-a-half-minute walk away from any colleague, a design aimed at encouraging collaboration.