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Palace of Shah Abbas Safavi, Iran, 400 years ago The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Iranian Mosque Ceilings

マスジェデ・ナスィーロル・モスク 6

Here is "Nasir ol Molk Mosque" in Shiraz, in South of IRAN. I saw too many mosques around the world, whether by my own eyes or in photos.

Golden Sky, Alhambra, Ranada, Spain

muqarnas dome, hall of the two sisters, alhambra palace, granada, spain (photo by christopher rennie) Southern Spain: Art & Architecture

Underground Tea Room, Vakil Bazaar. Kerman, Iran. Photo by Diego Lezama Orezzoli, via Corbis.  ...I will have tea there someday.

Photo by Diego Lezama Orezzoli, via Corbis.example of what was described in the book Naji and the mystery of the dig.

http://iran.mycityportal.net - Isfahan, Iran - @sporadicnomadic- #webstagram

http://iran.mycityportal.net - Isfahan, Iran - @sporadicnomadic- #webstagram

I decided to have a little fun with this shot!  It's one of my favorite photos from France.Anyway, I got my shots before getting in trouble… and then I decided to make the most interesting bit and reflect it downwards upon itself to give it more of a feeling of infinite crystal.

Sainte Chapelle, Paris - The crystal forever. Fifteen huge stained glass windows fill the nave and apse. Built 800 years ago by King Louis IX