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Please examine what you have been taught to tolerate by a society which normalizes the use and exploitation of non human animals. Millions of vegans are proof that you don't need to kill others to thrive and be healthy. Reason to be #vegan.

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If you would never hurt an animal, why are you ok paying other people to do it for you?

There is never a 'humane' choice when killing is involved.

Compelling argument for veganism - why is it so difficult to be vegan?

Plant Based life....a positive choice,)

Thought provoking? Makes too much sense! #govegan #crueltyfree #animalrights…

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someone needs to speak for these animals because they can not do it themselves. Put an end to eating meat!

Marcas que testam em animais

Oi gente, tudo bem ? Desculpe por não postar semana passada , fiquei sem ideias para postar . Mas estou aqui com um post novinho em folha ! Vou falar marcas que testam em animais, então fique…