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Qué haríamos sin Tarantino? R: Lo directores seguirían cambiando de plano cuando pasa algo gore

Funny pictures about Tarantino's point of view. Oh, and cool pics about Tarantino's point of view. Also, Tarantino's point of view photos.

nobody wants to dance

"Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets"(書を捨てよ町へ出よう Sho o suteyo machi e deyou) 1971

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best-movies-ever-made: “ When you see this, you know that you are about to watch something good. ” I LOOOOVE Tarantino’s movies :D

Pulp fiction

heartbeatsclub: Don’t be a square : new drawing and print San Francisco! There is a very nice show near you: Quentin vs Coen at the Spoke art gallery ft my Mia Wallace and Llewyn Davis drawings! Amazing artists and fine art prints!

Quentin Tarantino The exact reason I don't call him babe or baby. Its always been Honey/Honey Bunny.

Beautiful "HONEY BUNNY / / “I love you, H." metal poster created by Daniel Coulmann.

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Playboi Carti x Bootychaaain x MexikoDro Type Beat - Wrecked [prod.

Let's dance...

Pulp Fiction - John Travolta and Uma Thurman - 'Pulp Fiction' Directed by Quentin Tarantino.