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An older image of Cream the Rabbit I made.

Cream the rabbit cute Smile_ Sonic Video Games Background

Sticks Boom, Rise of Lyric Model by Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt

Credit to for model Sticks(Boom) (C) SEGA/BigRedButton. (I do not claim ownership of this model, it was ripped from offical sources) Sticks Boom, Rise of Lyric Model

Honey Official 3D Render

Honey the Cat (Archie)

This is the official model of the Honey the Cat, which is used in the Sonic The Hedgehog variant covers. Official - Honey the Cat

Cream and Cheese

Love for Ninjas! so yeah I drew this the same time I drew the Manic drawing, I liked it so TADA ; It's coloured~ The cool thing about colouring in my old drawings is that I can practice with diff.

Sonic's friends are useful

Cream the teenager rabbit - Flat colored by “Does she look better with these colors?

Sonic the Hedgehog - Characters & Art - Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Cream and Cheese: look at what we made you! Everyone including shadow: these look amazing! Shadow: I look to awesome to eat, but I'll eat it any way.

Blaze The Cat by BloomPhantom on deviantART

Blaze The Cat

Browse Art - DeviantArt dmitri !

Browse Art - DeviantArt dmitri !

cream the rabbit and cheese the chao - commission by nightwing1975.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

this is a commission i was asked to do for of cream the rabbit & cheese the chao from sonic the hedgehog. cream the rabbit and cheese the chao - commission