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Yamaha HS8S Powered Studio Monitor Subwoofer.  Features:  Frequency Response: 22 Hz to 150 Hz - Crossover Frequency: Can be adjusted between 80 Hz and 120 Hz. - Power Rating: 150 Watts - Driver: 8" Cone Type - Input Connectors: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" Output Connectors: 2 x XLR.  For a Detailed Guide to Studio Subwoofers see https://www.gearank.com/guides/studio-subwoofers

Here's what you need to know to add a subwoofer to your studio monitors along with a list of the best studio subwoofers currently available.

Access Virus Ti - V1 - desktop/rack

Virus TI Desktop Arguably the pinnacle of DSP-based digital synthesis at the moment. It could easily be written off as a Virus C with added supersaw, but the many improvements suggest revolution, not evolution!

DJ Setup CDJ Mk3 Serato SL3 Technics 1210 M5G Xone 42

DJ Setup CDJ Mk3 Serato SL3 Technics 1210 M5G Xone 42

Synthesizer Nostalgia Infographic

The Mini Moog started the synthesizer journey in providing affordable synths to musicians.Roland continues the legacy to the present day. Infographic by an online music store helping independent music artists to sell music online.

Daphne Oram, BBC sound engineer and creator of the Dr Who theme

Electronic music Daphne Oram: Portrait of an electronic music pioneer As the BBC Radiophonic Workshop celebrates its anniversary, we pay tribute to the life and legacy of its co-founder Daphne Oram, one of the pioneers of British electronic music

Music studio

The ultimate home recording studio equipment site. Great deals and huge selection of home recording studio equipment.

MATRIXSYNTH: Praise for Synth Tech Mike Metz of Thesis Audio

Praise for Synth Tech Mike Metz of Thesis Audio

Drum Machines  #analog #porn

From the Wurlitzer to the 808, These Are the Greatest Drum Machines Ever Made

Musicians are often convinced that drum machines have no soul. I used to think the same, but only idiots never change their minds. Analog drum machines do provide some soul to your music.