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If you think your packed lunches are boring and dull, take some lessons from stay-at-home-mom-turned-Bento-artist Samantha Lee. In she started making

Cool and Creative Food Art Ideas

Cool and Creative Food Art Ideas

Here's a stunning selection of creative food art ideas by various culinary artists.

All aboard the Breakfast Express! Add some fun to the morning routine and whip up these playful Choo Choo Train Waffles for the kiddos.


Le cinéma dans vos assiettes !

Even someone as evil as Ursula the sea witch manages to look cute with the help of some incredible food art.

Food Art by Samantha Lee

Kyaraben style Princess Merida lunch by Malaysian mom Samantha Lee with the fusilli making up her tangled ginger hair.

Hard-boiled egg lovebirds

Hard Boiled Egg Birds with a cheese stick and grape tree No instructions, but great idea.

This Creative Mother May Convince You To Stay At Home For Lunch. #Creative #Yummy #Delicious #Food #Bento

A Malaysian Mother Makes Bento For Her Daughter.

that resembles one of the well-known characters 'Fred Flintstone' from an animated series

Your Coffee Guru

Your Coffee Guru is dedicated to all things coffee and coffee related. Here you'll find pictures of fresh brews, fancy mugs and.

Fun christmas food // Comidas navideñas divertidas.

Lee Samantha, Food Artist Ingredients Snowman - Bread bun, halved - Cream cheese - Blueberry - Chocolate chips - Strawberry - Veggie sticks (any kind) Reindeer - Bread - Peanut butter - Pretzels - Blueberry - Strawberry

Creative Food Art by Samantha Lee | #batman like you've probably never seen him before!.

Eatzybitzy – The creative Food Art by Samantha Lee

Yummy Cartoons On My Plate by Lee Samantha | FunPal Studio| Art Artist Artwork Entertainment Food art Cartoon Characters Creativity

I'm visiting St.Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia! (Go around the world series) Ingredients St. Basil's Cathedral - 2 slices of bread - Granny.

love these fun food ideas

Fish Snack for kids! Blueberries make the ocean, a sandwich is cut into the shape of a fish body and the scales are made from carrots. Cucumber is added for the tail.