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Foto: The ultra-rare hammerhead rainbow dragon. Taste the rainbow, or the rainbow might taste you!


Why Cut Down That Tree in Your Yard? Instead, Carve It into a Dragon. Powers Bach, I think you need this in your yard!okay maybe not a dragon but art.

~Estoy en un momento en el que no se en donde prefiero estar.~  By *katorius*

thereisnomadnessanymore: “ Dance at the Maker’s Feet A small piece of work I made during pauses between conferences, waiting for announce. Bioware, this is unfair and the purest suffering. too hyped for Fen ”The.

If Smaug happened to be Bilbo's cat-sized, tomato-eating pet.

I am Fire, I am Death

Smaug Baby dragons are essentially winged, fire-breathing cats. Seriously, though.

Earthquake Dragon - the art of Eric Belisle

Earthquake Dragon - the art of Eric Belisle

Possível cena de O Deus dos Corvos

Mesoth- by XRobinGoodFellowX draogon wyvern knight staircase city fortress castle monster creature beast animal

17201310_1817533758501492_1429173074724720594_n.jpg (465×600)

17201310_1817533758501492_1429173074724720594_n.jpg (465×600)

Ezra e o Lagarto de Cristais

Conceptual Art by Viktor Fetsch. An ice dragon is conquered by a young arctic warrior.

Daily Dragons — The Old Dragon God by Jorge Jacinto (website.