Exactly the way I want to make my bean teepee for my pole beans: bamboo tied with jute and in the corners of the raised box.

Great idea for Pole Beans- DIY Design Fanatic: Finished Planter Boxes and Garden Update

Cucumber Trellis - wow wish I would have seen this last year!!! We had crazy cucumbers.  =)

Plants / garden : Cucumber trellis and PVC watering system, as well as other useful gardening tips and ideas.

Gardening 101, How To Grow Cucumbers, How To Process Cucumbers, And Medicinal Properties Of Cucumbers

How to Grow and Process Cucumbers & Their Medicinal Benefit

How to build a vertical garden. You can train vegetables like cucumbers, pole beans, and squash to go up instead of out.

DIY Vine Teepee by viewsfromthegarden #Vine_Teepee #Play_House #Kids

DIY Vine Teepee by viewsfromthegarden If you made it large enough, you could protect lettuce underneath. A way to have clematis & other good vines such as hummingbird, glory vine, morning glory and cardinal vines.

Protecting raised beds from critters. Panels are removable for access.

Organic pest control doesn't have to mean fruits and veggies riddled with worms. Your vegetable garden can thrive without the addition of poisons.

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Repurposed Dog Kennel Panels make a great trellis for our Golden Peas and Pole Beans in our urban garden.

How To Make A Bean Teepee | SeedsNow.com

How To Make A Bean Teepee

Making a bean teepee is a fun and easy idea. It makes a great addition to any home garden and will provide a great conversation piece to visiting friends and ne

Everything Plants and Flowers: 10 Herb Garden Ideas For Your Home - Find an Herb ...

10 Herb Garden Ideas For Your Home - Find an Herb Garden for Every Space

There's nothing better than having fresh herbs on hand for that delicious meal you're preparing! Here are 10 Herb Garden Ideas perfect for any outdoor space!

Horse Country Chic: Of Gardens and Libraries...

Raised vegetable garden beds make vegetable gardening less work. Learn the benefits of raised-bed gardening, how to build a raised garden bed, and raised vegetable garden design tips.

Awesome sandpit / garden idea. Grape or passion fruit vines

Giant Tepee Garden - creative idea for repurposing branches and natural materials & provide an amazing play space for kids. They can watch climbing beans grow up as a natural shade cover, plant other edibles in the planter box around the edge.

Collection of baskets with plants. Repinned by www.claudiadeyongdesigns.com  www.thegardenspot.co.uk

Wicker baskets hold topiaries – I love the elegant look of an all green and white garden. @ its-a-green-life

Awesome Trellis

I like the trellises. :) Growing the Best Paste Tomatoes Yields Fresh Salsa and Sauce - Garden - GRIT Magazine

Provides a great privacy screen from the neighbors...  Maybe for along the wall between the kitchen and the neighbors?

Raspberry and Blackberry Planter Box? Provides a great privacy screen from the neighbors also.I want to do this with blackberries.