marianna's lazy daisy days: Bella Baby Jacket - free pattern

Even if you don't have a tiny baby to dress, you'll want to make this adorable knit baby cardigan for someone who does. The Bella Baby Jacket is a precious little knit is a heavenly mix of light blues, pinks and yellows.

5 hour baby sweater, updated, corrected, pattern! Note to self... Use this one for a fast easy set?

5 hour baby sweater - this free knitting pattern has been floating around the internet for many years, great for charity donations - Crystal Palace Yarns

Baby Cherry Blossom Sweater

עם הוראות עד גיל שנה Baby Cherry Blossom is the second is a blossom series. Apple Blosom Cardigan is the first. This adorable baby cardigan is knit in one piece. The only sewing is done when you sew down the picot edges.

free pattern ruffled sweater

Nola Jane free baby sweater pattern by Annika Barranti with very quick video for how to do the crochet ruffles-

Playtime Baby Set - in best of the worsteds, now all I need to do is find my book otherwise $3.99

Knitting - Patterns for Children & Babies - Gift Set Patterns - Playtime Baby Set - incl. jacket, blanket & block - easy - 6 to 18 mos.