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Natalie Jill: LIKE if you want some strong shoulders!! Developed shoulders also make your waist look smaller. Grab your resistance bands- 3 shoulder moves here for you. Did you know: By placing your feet WIDER apart the resistance will get harder. ✅

Natalie Jill: Attack of the Back fat and wiggly arms this morning! Oh.... And working shoulders too! Who is in? I'm using a resistance band for these moves. If you don't have a band, you can still do the moves without weights (create the resistance by using those muscles and forcing a resistance) *there is no magic number or time... Do as many as you can to make it challenging for YOU!

-Primary muscle group: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps ✌️Secondary: Upper Back / Traps Equipment: Barbell / EZ-Bar

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With my mom!!! She's 67! ... And she DID have type 2 diabetes until she let me change her eating... She followed my jump start program, lost 12 lbs and reversed her diabetes without ANY medication! Go (my) mom | Natalie Jill Fitness #fitmom #nataliejillfit #nataliejillfitness

Primary muscle group: Shoulders Secondary: Middle & Lower Back / Lats ✊Equipment: Cable station

Get it Right: Shoulder Press

Primary muscle group: Triceps ✌️Secondary: Chest, Shoulders Equipment: Dumbbells

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Let’s Keep It Real About Our Bodies

Resistance Band Training

Primary muscle group: Triceps ✌️Secondary: Chest, Shoulders Equipment: Barbell / EZ-Bar, Dumbbells

Resist-a-Squat #exercise