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Artist Jason Freeny scoops out the insides of our favorite toys and characters, and sculpts their inner organs and skeletons.

Artist cuts popular toys in half to reveal what their insides look like

A few years ago, we featured artist Jason Freeny and his work on a dissected Barbie doll, which showed us the inner workings of an idealized, unrealistic w

Afbeelding van http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lxDqjZV0XeQ/TjDkvksJ4BI/AAAAAAABHQE/gOzEDzQLls4/s1600/anatomy_toys_Jason_Freeny_06.jpg.

Rubber Ducky Anatomical Sculpture by Jason Freeny

Anatomy Sculptures by Jason Freeny - Lego mario hello kitty & Mickey

Anatomy Sculptures by Jason Freeny - Lego mario hello kitty & Mickey

Mickey Mouse - by Jason Freeny #toy #anatomy #mickey

Toy's Anatomy

Jason Freeny imagines what the anatomies of our favorite toys look like with a series of dissected statues.

Jason Freeny

Artist Shows Us What the Insides of Our Favourite Childhood Toys Look Like

Cute Or Creepy: Jason Freeny Exposes the Organs And Bones Of Our Favorite Childhood Toys

Jason Freeny - Character Anatomy

Character Anatomy

Jason Freeny - Character Anatomy

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Pop Icon Anatomy – 37 sculptures disséquées par Freeny

New XXRay Dissection Series by Sticky Monster Lab x Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

If you're in to your Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx XXRay Dissection series recently, and you want to up your