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Krishna with Sri Radha and Gopis transcendental water sports. wonder why the indians r so shameless.

I Withhold And Send Forth The Rain | Gita Group

krnsa and cowherd girls-The one undivided absolute truth, the same truth, is known in three features, either Brahman, Paramatma or Bhagavan.

Story picture from Srimad Bhagavatam

Lord Krishna Kills Shishupala - Lord Krishna promises Shishupala's mother that he will forgive his insults a 100 times. Shishupala crosses the line the time, and Lord Krishna slays him.

Gopis beseeching Lord Krishna not to go to Mathura leaving them.

Gopis beseeching Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama not to go to Mathura leaving them.

Seeing Krishna's transcendental hint of splitting a tree branch, Bhisma finally bifurcates Jarasandha.

Bhima, Jarasandha-" Lord Kṛṣṇa, however, knew the mystery of the birth of…