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Empire of Storms, Throne of Glass

Empire of Storms, Throne of Glass [SPOILERS] as soon as I read this my heart dropped, stopped and died at the same time

The beautiful happy times before everything went to hell

Moments full of beauty and joy before the book went to hell *Tears run down my cheeks

Elena... or perhaps CELeana Mwahaha or Aelin, whatever>>>Nah, definitely sounds more like Elena. Even so, it isn't since it is confirmed that ACOTAR and ToG take place in different worlds. Though Sarah did say that it would be possible to open a wyrdgate between them.

Woah and then he's drawn circles in the dirt. it's totally Elena


Since I read acotar before throne of glass, I smelled the mating bond between these two in book one (yes.

EoS spoilers- what ever Sarah J Maas does I might be angry with but I'll always support her

This means so much, Rowaelin have fought for everything they have their entire life including each other they deserve to finally live in peace, to live together for eternity

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Throne of Glass

OP needs to not be a dick about people having emotions but it's possible I guess

I still hope my Roland as the sacrifice theory is correct, I'm sure it'll be Dorian. I was just rereading and Roland is dead.

'Oh I'm sorry. Does it have YOUR name on it?'

or he could name the dog wrath but have it be like the sweetest thing ever and always curl up on nesta when she is in the library

Sarah j Maas. Why did you have to shred my soul???

K, so I know this is really sad and all but- "his clam face" XD Rowan Whitethorn Aelin Galathynius Throne of Glass Empire of Storms Fireheart

I think this is Manon, Aedion, Nehemia, Sam and Elide. {{@supernovasunset}}

I think this is Manon, Aedion, Nehemia, Sam and Elide. {{ or maybe its kaltain but everyone forgets