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Staying Focussed is a challenge. But with help from the inside its a breeze! http:/

#followmeto the amazing Jordan with @yourleo. Collabing with my friend @nois7. #shareyourjordan.

Squirrel suits... Would be sooooooo fun if I wasn't so scared of heights.

@loki_the_wolfdog loves driving with the windows down and hanging with his best buds, even while off-roading through the mud in the Aquarius Plateau in Utah. I decided early on that I would do everything I can to bring Loki on all of my adventures. At three years old, he has already been on more adventures than most humans and has seen the beauty of the western United States. Loki was born with adventure in his blood. #GoPro #BEAHERO #exploremore #borntobewild

Who's coming with me? I'm looking for a group to promote a sponsor for IWYS. Contact me! (@TheSeanWoW)

An #ostrich reaches in and snaps up a kernal of popcorn. Photo by Charley Luchini using the HERO3 Silver. Share your best animal moments with us by clicking the link in our profile. #GoPro gopro sky diving