Nihon / Япония / Fūrin ( 風鈴 )

Furin / It is a small windchime hung and used under the eaves etc. in summer.

Japanese wind chimes 風鈴

Could make from glass lamp globes & paint to make look like blown, fused etc - Japanese wind chimes 風鈴

japanese wind chimes furin

Furin…japanese wind chime

Ginza,Tokyo,Japan, "Japanese wind chimes on the Move", pinned by Ton van der Veer

Japanese wind chimes, Furin 風鈴 turn your old wine glasses into chimes (:

Japanese wind chimes, Furin 風鈴 -Votive holders or old wine glasses with the stems removed!

Tanaka-san made two of these for me. They hang in our library and I love them.

Hina Matsuri, Girl's Day in japan. Mobiles are called Tsurushi-Bina. All hand made and quite expensive.

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Guide to Japanese colors. -- Japan, colors as a social status, kimono color according to the month, traditional color names, Japanese lesson

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Omoide Yokocho restaurant alley decorated with plastic cherry blossoms, Shinjuku, Tokyo


Фурин, ветряной колокольчик из стекла / 篠原風鈴本舗 江戸風鈴 切子風鈴 鶴 Edo Furin, Edo glass wind chime Yutaka Shinohara ; holder of Edogawa intangible cultural heritage