Artist: Pete Hawkins...Street Art Door

Intriguing Old Paintings on Worn Doors/ by painter Pete Hawkins/ The Outsiders Gallery/ London


Listverse has talked about terrifying paintings of antiquity, but this article shows that for art that sends a chill down your spine, the modern era can mo


Polish artist Dariusz Zawadzki paints with a mixture of oils and acrylics to create these astonishing fantasy themed artworks. Powerful and emotive these paintings come direct from dreams, visions and his imagination

- 微相册 — No. I want to be able to draw this well. This is so good it's just painful to watch ;

Scylla by artist Dariusz Zawadzki.

knightofleo: “ Dariusz Zawadzki the serpent’s eye untitled sanctuarium harpy the legion the last rites sirens’ island scylla ”

Someone spray-painted all of this whhhhhaaaatttt?

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