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Sara a nossa terra!
"The Same Love" Paul Baloche this is an awesome video!
This was your time this was your dance she lived every moment left nothing to chance she swam in the sea drank up the deep imbraced the mystery of all she could be!
Bom dia!
Rádio Ifm é só Sucesso
"Povos do mundo inteiro, voltem para mim, e eu os salvarei, pois eu sou Deus, e não há nenhum outro." Isaías 45:22
Banda americana Tenth Avenue North lança seu novo CD, “The Struggle”
"I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry"     I'm feeling that this should almost be a mood board... sort of some lyric graphic things, and then pulling pictures from the lines about birds and partying...
A coisa mais importante na vida é ser você mesmo. A não ser que você possa ser o Batman. Sempre seja o Batman.


Awesome new worship song.  Thanks God for answering may prayers for cool new worship music
Resultado de imagem para Smilinguido
Forever Yours...SO blessed to be part of this amazing project for God to use across the nation!  What an incredible honor!!!
Amazing worship music.