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Just Plain Cool -- How would you upgrade your car with $10,000? [Infographic] ^MLM

Another infographic about cars. How would you upgrade?

What Do I Do After I Get A DUI Infographic

When you plan a night of good times, laughs and a few drinks, the plan usually doesn’t end with you being arrested for DUI. Getting charged with a DUI can

The way a person behaves while driving can affect his or her experience on the road. Here’s a look at three common driving personalities and how they could impact a driver’s potential safety.

How-Your-Driving-Personality-Affects-Your-Safety.png ( Find out which driving personality you are!

Here’s a brief- very brief- overview of different types of game-learning. This work by Mia MacMeekin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licen…

Game Learning

The Different Types of Game-Enhanced Learning Infographic provides a brief overview of theses concepts including game-theory, game-based learning and gamification.

[ Piéton, cycliste , scolaire(1958)dessins de Jan Mich ]      #vintage #infographics   Agence eureka

[ Piéton, cycliste , scolaire(1958)dessins de Jan Mich ] #vintage #infographics Agence eureka


The Truth About Driving Distractions [Infographic]