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Doctor Who: 50 years of time travel in the TARDIS

Exploring the top news and topics of the week with dynamic interactive visualizations

Doctor Who The Snowmen

The TARDIS staircase was a vertical pathway between the planetary surface of Earth and the.

The Tenth Doctor.

USA: Doctor Who Marathon Precedes Season 9 Launch - Watch A Day Of David Tennant Episodes

...Doctor Who ? .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

Because simple plot lines are boring.

Doctor Who TARDIS Charm Bracelet

Doctor Who TARDIS Charm Bracelet

arkytior | Tumblr

arkytior | Tumblr

They were his family.

Doctor Who is a big family

The XV Doctor remembers...

The XV Doctor remembers.

The 14th Doctor remembers...

The Doctor remembers.

Oh lordy... The universe would collapse from happiness!

join the harry potter and doctor who fandoms! And when it ends it would break my poor fangirl shipping heart.I don't know where to pin this, Doctor Who or Harry Potter?

Never thought i would mour a cyberman head :(

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013 (Picture: BBC)

The XV Doctor Remembers..

The XV Doctor Remembers..



Dr Who #10

Ten and the TARDIS. Doctor Who. If you know who the original artist is, please leave his or her name in the comments. I'd like to give them credit and check out their other artwork offerings! I'd love to see what this artist might have for sale.

Doctor Who Dalek and Tardis faceoff Bracelet by TimeMachineJewelry

Doctor Who Dalek and Tardis face-off Bracelet

Doctor Who Dalek and Tardis faceoff Bracelet by TimeMachineJewelry