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Fairy Tail Zero 11 Page 18 Shit, didn't see that coming Zeira and Mavis and Yuriy

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Scan Fairy Tail 450 VF page 5

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Hahaha this is actually what Laxus thinks about the others No offense: I like all the dragonslayers, especially Cobra because he´s cool and badass. What Laxus thinks about the other Dragonslayers

No there aren't only three dragon slayers... Three are mores.<<< Three dragon slayers in Fairytail

I'm pretty sure there are 4 Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, Gemini Lucy, Future Lucy, and Normal Lucy. So there is 4 Lucys not Technicaly future lucy is normal lucy

Sting and Rogue being so cute :3 I swear I have a huge crush on Rouge  Shady: *growls* BACK OFF HE'S MINE! ~Edit: What have I done XD why does this have to most comments

Rogue and Sting This is one of my fave eps in Fairy Tail 😍😄 Sting & Rogue are like Gray and Natsu when they fight 😆😂❤

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I think juvia has always been adorable! ^3^

This is freakin tru probably the Juvia I fell in love with everything about her ☺️❤️ Part 1 Coin Fountain

He'll always be there for Lucy

A doujinshi! Cause I felt like doing a comic after recent and awesomely inspiring one Enjoy! Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You


Lucy and Mavis similarities yup yup yup. missed the part where they both love Dragneel's.


I´m hearing the Ost: Fiore oukoku and is just. I love it because is the first thing that you heared in the first episode of Fairy Tail